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Residential Customers

Dean, Larry and I thank you for the beautiful job you did on the floors. 
-Sara Gould

Dean, Thanks we have enjoyed working with you and your crew.
-Lavon and Tom

Thanks Dean, for helping me on such short notice. Doug does such a beautiful job, so glad you sent him to lay the hall floor. Have a loving holiday season and much success in the coming year.
-Fondly, Shirley

Dean, The floor looks fantastic!
-Thanks, Jim Worthington

Thank you so much. The floors are absolutely gorgeous. The molding around the baseboards in the hallway matches the old molding really well. All of the prime work is really nice and was well fitted especially since there are some odd angled pieces in the hall.
-Thank you again, Kay Mauren

Thanks so much Dean, the floors look beautiful Tim and Bob were so nice and did a wonderful job. Thank them for us too.
-Kathy & Ben Sonders

Commercial Customers